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Megadeth CDs

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10/25/94 - MTV's Night of the Living Megadeth (55 minutes) - Professional Soundboard Recording - 10 out of 10 quality.  (Check out the Video page for the video version).

  1. (MTV Introduction) Holy Wars

  2. Reckoning Day

  3. Sweating Bullets

  4. Train of Consequences

  5. In My Darkest Hour

  6. A Tout Le Monde

  7. Symphony of Destruction

  8. Peace Sells

  9. Victory

Also included on the CD is

3/20/95 - Brixton Academy - London, England - Professional Soundboard Recording - 9 out of 10 quality.

  1. Killing Road

  2. Wake Up Dead

  3. Reckoning Day

  4. This Was My Life

  5. Peace Sells


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